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The Bridgehampton Citizens Advisory Committee

If you have already visiting Bridgehampton and are thinking about buying property there, you are probably doing your research to learn all that you can about the area.

Once group that may be able to help and provide valuable information is the Bridgehampton Citizens Advisory Committee. Sometimes house hunters figure that these kind of organizations may only skim the surface and will not give you the real deal on an area, but we think it would be wise to gather all of the information you can. Even if you do not get the exact information you are searching for, you may get a better idea of who you can ask to get this information once you’ve consulted a local civic organization.

The Bridgehampton Citizens Advisory Committee had some very useful information on its website, including a “How to Get Things Done” section. And that is one thing that anyone who has moved to a new place or started a new job really needs to figure out.  Visit the “How to Get Things Done” to can find out:

-how to get internet access
-the dates when you will need a beach permit
-where to find hiking trails
-how to handle noisy neighbors
-who to contact about potholes
-who is in charge of cleaning up debris on the beach

The Bridgehampton Citizens Advisory Committee also provides information on:
-local legislation
-maintenance of public properties
-traffic updates
-development news
-pedestrian safety

You can also turn to a knowledgable local real estate professional like Bill Williams of Sotheby’s International Realty. He will be happy to help you find a home in Bridgehampton or any other part of The Hamptons and to give you all th inside info you need to make a smooth transition into Hamptons life.

January 16, 2010 - Posted by | Bridgehampton New York

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